Who is Tramitadora de Carga Aerea ...

 TRAMITADORA DE CARGA AÉREA S.C, a professional and total logistic service in Freight Forwarding and Custom Brokerage aspiring to have an strong corporate image.

 TRAMITADORA DE CARGA AÉREA S.C, is highly specialized and is an acknowledged leader in our industry, our company was founded in 1984 and is IATA member since 1993. As a result Tramitadora is able to meet the challenges set by our customres and associates to provide a full range of import and export services.

 TRAMITADORA DE CARGA AÉREA S.C, encourages to offer time definitive services enabling our clients to achieve their objectives; we place the needs of our clients first. Mindful that every individual and every organization has their own priorities, around which we have to adapt our services, our activities as an international freight forwarder include the following services:




· Flexible working schedule
· Monday through Friday 9:00 am. to 6.00 pm.
· Ethic cargo handling
· Allowing  recovering of investment in a few days
· Immediate reply
Being an IFLN member allows us to have worldwide coverage with strategic partnership alliances.

Tramitadora encourages to improve its day by day service, that is why its goal is being ISO 9000.

Tramitadora continues to invest in our resources and skills to ensure our products meet the present and future needs of our clients.
Our investment is ongoing, assuring our customers of continuous state of art solutions.